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Opium addiction is a serious and potentially life-threatening problem. A highly addictive narcotic, physical and psychological dependency to opium develops quickly, creating a tolerance that often forces the user to increase usage in order to satisfy his or her need. A person going through withdrawal will experience a slew of unpleasant symptoms, including nausea, sweating, vomiting, anxiety, and depression. With this in mind, it's critical that an individual with an opium addiction enrolls in Unity Recovery Center's comprehensive treatment program so that we can ensure not only a safe detox process, but also successful long-term recovery from the chains of dependency.

At Unity Rehab we use an all-encompassing approach that helps an individual recover from opium addiction. By getting to the root of both the psychological and physical aspects of an person's dependency, we are able to develop tailored drug treatment programs that create a safe, nurturing environment for successful recovery. Behavioral therapy, medical analysis, and group accountability and support are all important elements for determining whether or not a patient is on the right path – and at Unity Rehab, we incorporate all three to ensure a successful road to recovery.

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Why We're The Best

Located in Hobe Sound, Florida, we provide patients with a soothing environment just minutes from the ocean. We truly believe in enriching our patients with the resources that they need – from certified, trained professionals to around-the-clock supervision and support – to help jump-start their paths to recovery. Through self-discovery and healing, each patient is further educated on his or her individual usage triggers and addiction, and taught the skills necessary to live a sober life. Opium addiction treatment is comprised of individual and group therapy, mental health services, detoxification, counseling, yoga, and other therapeutic options. These elements combine to make Unity Rehab the best opium addiction facility nationwide.

We also understand that there should never be a "paint by numbers" method for treating addiction. Because of the various causes of addiction there may be several different approaches for treatment for different individuals. Though patients have had some success with a traditional treatment approach, more facilities are incorporating holistic methods, because they have proven to be more effective, boasting success rates that are significantly higher than mainstream 12-step treatment centers. We incorporate these practices into our holistic rehab programs, treating the entire mind, body and spirit, to uncover underlying root causes for addiction and lay a foundation for successful treatment.

Opium Addiction Programs

With our experienced medical staff and individualized programs to fit the needs of each patient, there's no reason to hesitate to get treatment. Call us immediately and let us help you with you or your loved one's opium addiction today.